Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation sewing

I like to make my own clothes. I feel accomplished when I make something that is wearable and doesn't look like I made it myself (unless you look closely, I can always point out my mistakes!)

I usually need a goal to sew towards, like being pregnant. I made a bunch of my own maternity clothes while I was pregnant with Theo. My favorite anecdote of this was one day while in the hospital my mom was bragging about my crafty abilities to my Doctor and said something along the lines of, "Jennifer makes lots of clothes, I bet she even made that blouse she's wearing right now." I looked down and low and behold I had made the blouse I was wearing. Only it wasn't a blouse it was a tunic-y t-shirt but you get the drift.

I leave for an awesome vacation in four weeks! We'll be gone close to three weeks with a small stop in Philadelphia before we head out to our European cruise. I really don't think my current spring wardrobe of stretchy pants and tunic-y t-shirts is going to cut it in the summer heat in Spain, Italy, & France.

I've got a sewing plan though.
- Hem up two pairs of my linen pants to long short or capri length

-sew Navy blue voile blouse Simplicty 2593 I already did the muslin weeks ago minus the collar so I know I need to take the back in two inches and increase the length at least 3" so I can wear a belt with it

- Brown crinkle gauze dress KwikSew 3675 I'm using a Boden dress as inspiration, not that I need inspiration for a simple brown dress, it's just something I saw and said "oh I want that" and then realized I could make something close to it for WAY less the $75 or whatever they were charging

-two rompers for Theo (One in gingham before I cut my expensive Kokka seersucker)

-two collared shirts for Oliver (one trains before I cut the coordinating expensive Kokka seersucker) yup I'm that Mom.

- a couple of my favorite Jalie tank tops (one is already done with a fun lace inset in the back)

-fix the front bodice length on my awesome Grecian goddess maxi dress so I'm not flashing the world when I sit down

-finish the hem and arms on a simple tank tunic that isn't necessarily for vacation but I could be wearing now if I hemmed the dang thing

-and of course the swim suit.

Why am I sitting here typing? I should be sewing. . .

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