Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 12. . .but who's counting?

Last night, after having my BP readings stay the same for the 11th day and having my labs come back perfectly fine, Peter and I decided to talk to the Dr about monitoring me at home. I had already bought the BP cuff, my mom is here to take care of Oliver, and I have much, much, much better TV at home. Not to mention being able to sleep in the same bed with my husband again. Or take a shower in a space that is bigger then 2'x2', can maintain a normal temperature and not fluctuate between scalding and freezing, and has some water pressure. Oh and eat normal food.

Amazingly the Dr was highly receptive to what we had to say. He said he's gotten some calls from our insurance company about why I was still here and he made his case to us about why I should stay but said let's talk to everybody and see what they all have to say. Of course also mentioning that he's just my Dr and not a police officer and he can't MAKE me stay.

So I got a wheelchair ride to the Perinatologist for an ultrasound to make sure the high BP readings were not causing the baby any growth issues. It's not. He's gained almost a pound in the last two weeks so he's being estimated now at 5 3/4 pounds which is big for 33 weeks. The Perinatologist was of the same mind of me staying here. He also said we could do an Amnio next Tuesday to check for lung maturity and make some more decisions with that information. Oh and he called me a bright and intelligent patient and that it wasn't a false compliment.

I agreed with both Dr's at this point. From being upright in a wheelchair for the past 45 minutes I felt HORRIBLE and while I can get totally normal pressure readings (126/77) by working the system and laying on my left side with the cuff on my right arm, if I am reclining upright in bed, my numbers are much worse (160/94) on average. Those numbers are super close to the cut off for inducing just for Hypertension. Another big concern is how quickly my BP readings can change between ok and not ok.

But the real reality check came this evening. My Ob came in to see what we had decided and to tell us what the insurance agency Dr said. You know it's serious when the insurance company says, keep her there as long as she needs to be there.

Right now it's at least 8 more days. If the amnio comes back with mature lung development then we will most likely induce my labor. If not, then we're going to have to figure out a new plan. I am absolutely getting tired of being in here. I've done what I can to make my room as comfortable as possible. I have my own super nice sheets on the bed and I covered the stupid checkout signs with a large poster board Oliver painted and tons of pictures of him and our family and friends. I wear my own clothes, I have my Ipod dock, my laptop (with streaming Netflix), visitors scheduled so I'm not alone all day every day, etc. But it's still not home and I miss Oliver so much it's crazy.

Tonight Peter's going to bring me pizza. I haven't had pizza in weeks. I am very excited, heartburn be damned!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looks like I'm going be in here for a while. . .

After meeting with the Perinatologist and discussing everything with my OB, it looks like the plan is for me to sit and bake this cookie as long as possible or at least until 35 weeks.

I think the decision was an easy one when I realized I can lay here in bed for two-three more weeks or Small-Fry could be in the NICU for two-three weeks.

Of course all of this is based on how moderate my pre-eclampsia stays. If my pressures go up or I start having other problems Small-Fry is going to have to come and join us on the outside.

35 weeks is only 16 days away. I can do anything for 16 days.

Monday, December 13, 2010

This is not the birth you are looking for. . .

Go back and read the title with a Jedi Mind Trick voice.
That's the way I keep hearing it in my head and for some reason thought you should too.

I had a really simple plan with this pregnancy.
Step one- get pregnant in the spring so I wouldn't be giant and pregnant all summer long like with Oliver.
Step two- have baby at home.

Well 50% is pretty good right?

I was seeing a midwife for regular prenatal care until 29 weeks. At that point I had had three separate elevated blood pressure readings, and three large fundal height measurements, and she wanted me to get an all clear from an OB that I was safe for a home birth.

Well that went bust pretty fast. My BP was even more elevated at the first OB's office and I was spilling a little protein in my urine. Enter in Labs, 24 hour urine catch, and meeting with a Perinatologist.

Labs and urine were perfect, Small-Fry was perfect but big averaging 3 weeks ahead in measurements. Most doctors would question my dates but I know when we got pregnant and I have two early ultrasounds backing that up, Small-Fry is just a big little guy.

Since this first OB was on the way other side of town, Century City for those in the know, I switched to a new OB, Dr. Dwight near my house downtown. My first appointment with him went like my last appointment with the midwives I used with Oliver or you know the Hotel California, you can check in anytime you like but you can never leave. So I was wheeled over to the Maternity ward and have been here since. Really I should have packed a bag last week. Maybe if I was prepared for this it wouldn't have happened? At least this time I had washed my hair in the morning.

My labs are still great, my urine is still low in protein, my my blood pressure readings are slowly, slowly creeping up to Danger, Danger Will Robinson levels! Yesterdays top read was 156/94. So while there is no such thing as moderate pre-eclampsia that's what Dr. Dwight is calling me case. Mainly because he wants to keep me prisoner in this hospital pregnant as long as possible to give Small-Fry the best beginning possible.

I have had two steroid shots to help mature his lungs and he's being monitored every 12 hours and is doing fantastic, he doesn't care that I'm stuck in bed, he's still a dancing fool.

Today I meet with another Perinatologist, get another ultrasound, review my labs and numbers and discuss the pros and cons of an Amniocentis to see if his lungs have matured enough for delivery but at this point I think we're just waiting for me to be too sick to stay pregnant.

The nurses are lovely, there is round the clock juice available, and I am allowed to go to the bathroom and shower on my own provided I am not dizzy. Staying in bed totally sucks, my back and hips are bugging me but I did get an amazing massage yesterday.

I am also getting pretty good at crocheting. I've already made Small-Fry a ridiculously cute hat and if the dizzy spells and headaches stay away today I'm going to try another pattern.